California Vacation - Days 5 & 6

By Holly - 9/03/2011 04:14:00 PM

Day 5 - Pretty uneventful. Saw an old friend, work & add in a trip to Wal-Mart.

Day 6 - Drove down to the Bay to see the rest of the Humbert clan. We went to a kid amusement park/zoo, Happy Hollow. Once you pay for admission, you get to ride the rides as many times as you want, and we definitely used that privilage. Zoe loved her first rollarcoaster ride. Daddy took her the first 5 times and I took her the next 4.

The kids all played together pretty well. For not seeing each other in almost a year, I was happy they were playing along so well. They held hands and rode all the rides together.

This leap frog ride, was a mini "Tower of Terror" with the ups and downs and the kids just giggled and giggled through the whole thing.

After we rode the rides, we went to visit the zoo part of the park.
Zoe was so excited, she got to see Blu & Jewel from Rio the movie.

(Technically, these are blue and yellow macaws, not just blue macaws, however, I was not about to disappoint my extrememly excited three year-old)

We got to see lemurs, leopards and a tortoise as well.
We came home and had pizza for dinner at cousin Luke's house.
We stayed the night so we could head out to Santa Cruz the next morning.

Thanks to Auntie Jen and Uncle Eric for letting us stay at their house!

Holly & Co,

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