It's Friday, Friday, Friday

By Holly - 9/30/2011 12:50:00 PM

 Zoe sings that song all the time. That's another influence from Ryan.
(He listens to a radio show that plays it all the time)

Well on this lovely Friday, I'm sitting at my desk, rocking out to Ke$ha on Pandora, in my comfy cut off sweats, hair in a bun. I'm really grateful at this point that I live in a basement apartment and people can't see me, even when they walk by the windows.

Last night, I felt like getting messy, so I made a mist swatch book, 
so I could actually see all my mist colors in one place.
Ryan came in after I had made it and his response," Wow! That's cool!"
I heart him.

Stop by tomorrow, I'm gonna have a fun Halloween project up.

Holly & Co.

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