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By Holly - 5/18/2013 05:20:00 PM

Well I'm FINALLY caught up on homework from the past couple weeks and can get back to blogging.

I mentioned this on Facebook, but almost 2 weeks ago, we were in a pretty bad car accident. We weren't hurt, and neither was anyone else, but sadly our car was totaled in the accident. Two cars collided and then the SUV rolled and landed on the front of our car while we were stopped at a red light.

All of us were in the car, taking Ryan to the 2nd day of his internship. Yeah, it's been kind of a rough few weeks. Thankfully, we got a rental car and were able to use that while we found a car to buy. After several bad experiences at dealerships, we found a private seller who had the perfect car for us! It's a Honda Pilot, it's quite a bit bigger than our Focus along with 4 doors and air conditioning!

Zoe is loving the new car, especially the cup holder that flips down in the's the little things right?

Well before too much more of the month is over, I wanted to share my Scrapbook Circle pages for May, and also add a little tidbit about the June kit, it just arrived today and it is the perfect kit for masculine pages, but I'm gonna challenge myself to use it for a picture of Zoe too, so check back in a couple weeks to see if I was able to do it!

My new running shoes. I got a chance to break them in at Race for the Cure last weekend.

This is my friend Aly's new puppy, Pixel, and we couldn't be more in love with him. Zoe can't stop talking about him. It's nice when your friends get a dog so you don't have to!

Sweet little Nora...Aly took this sweet photo and I couldn't resist making a pink page!

Zoe actually snapped this photo when I let her play with my camera. 
Sometimes it's good to change perspective.

When we were in California, we celebrated my niece, Taylor's birthday. He little sister Kora, thoroughly enjoyed the cupcake.

Make sure to check back tomorrow for a new blog feature I'm starting for the summer.

Holly & Co.

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