December Dailly 2010: Day 9 & Day 10

By Holly - 12/11/2010 10:29:00 PM

Wow...the 9th& 10th just flew on by....

I attended my work potluck which was tons of fun. We played Catch Phrase and did a white elephant gift exchange.
My question to you is, How do YOU play the white elephant game?

There were several differing opinions and I was wondering what way everyone else plays. We played that you can steal twice, so the 3rd person gets to keep the gift.
I always thought it was you could steal 3 times, so the 4th person actually gets the gift.
hmm...maybe Wiki would know...

Last night, we went on one last double date with our BFF's the Stauffers.
We went to Chicago Fire in Old Town Folsom.
We had amazing pizza and even better company, the Shirley Temple's weren't bad either :)
 If you decide to go, I would recommend the deep dish pizza, so worth the wait....

We're going to miss this family so much. It hard to even talk about. I know is was not an accident that we live next door to each other. No accident at all.

Jamie has the pictures so I'll post once she does :) no rush or anything :)

Holly & Co.

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