December Daily: Day 20

By Holly - 12/20/2010 03:28:00 PM

Yes, I actually have got some scrapbooking in, even though we've moved several hundred miles in the past week and everything we own fits in my parents garage.
I actually did this page the night before we moved, I couldn't resist playing with my giant box of stuff that I bought on Black Friday.

And I finally did something with those baby footprints I discovered not too long ago.

I've got a nice little set up on a desk at my parents house. I've pretty much taken over the whole thing, including some of the drawers.

While I was working today, Ryan took Zoe over to Cabela's and they saw lots of animals. Zoe kept talking about the alligator coming to get her. I don't even think she saw a real one, but she can't stop talking about it.

Hopefully things have slowed down a bit here and I'll be able to share some more pictures soon.

Holly & Co.

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