Wiggle Work | 2/52

By Holly - 1/29/2015 04:07:00 PM

Ok, I've had such a busy week, this post has been in draft for days.....but I finally had time to get it finished!!

When Zoe was a baby, teething was bad. I remember when I first noticed she had teeth. I got her out of bed one morning and noticed she had four teeth poking through. I thought I was a bad mother and just hadn't noticed them before. I ran to get Ryan to ask him if he had already seen them. Thankfully, he assured me they were a new development. 

She got her teeth four at a time - as you can imagine - teething was rough at our house.

I'm here to say...loosing teeth is worse than getting them.

Tears and drama, begging and pleading. This time, after days of wiggling, we had a fortunate incident where a collision of cousins on an old mattress produced the perfect situation and the tooth came out!
There was lots of screaming and excitement, and a little bit of blood.

Just as we got this one out, the other front tooth started to wiggle.

::Heaven help me::

I've been have so much fun digging through my stash lately. I keep finding all sorts of fun pieces that I want to use.

Zoe has actually taken an interest in scrapbooking, which is why I've really started to use my stash. She asks for supplies to use and I have to sort through the boxes of stuff I have, deciding what I am willing to share and what I'm keeping for myself.

Do you share your supplies? Or do you keep a tight guard on your boxes?

Holly & Co.

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