Being Productive

By Holly - 2/10/2008 08:04:00 PM

So Friday before I left work, I had a very long list of all the things I wanted to get done this weekend. And here are the fruits of some of my labors.

The rest of the alphabet canvas' for the baby's room.

And also, I finally got my sewing machine working, thanks to my Mother-in-Law, who so graciously pointed out that my problem was using really thick thread. So now that it's working, I can get started on all my sewing projects. I bought the fabric for the baby's room curtains. I also finished a taggie blanket. Here's that picture. It's made out of super soft fabric with ribbon loops sewn on the edges for the baby to play with.
Ryan took me out to Rocklin to visit a new scrapbook store. It was the most amazing store I'd ever been in. It has rows and rows of delicious things. So after that trip I have been working on some more scrapbook pages, trying to get caught up on all the pictures, because my free time will surely be cut down once this little girl is born. Here's some pictures of some recent layouts I've done.

While I was taking pictures, Campbell was getting in the way, so I snapped a shot of her.
Well that's all for now...enjoy the many pictures.

Holly & Co.

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