*8 Months*

By Holly - 2/04/2009 09:29:00 AM

Zoe is 8 months today, and I wanted to write down some of the things she does/likes so I can put it in her scrapbook and so I don't forget. *She cruises around furniture, and often gets herself stuck standing up. *She can feed herself puffies. *She says "ma-ma" and "ba-ba" but has no association yet. *Her hair is long enough to do piggy tales. *She loves tropical fruit medley, apples & Chicken, & carrots. *She still LOVES her paci, and enjoys having more than one to play with. *She loves when she sneezes, it makes her laugh. *She doesn't take naps during church anymore...too much to look at. *She loves playing in the dog bowls and has attempted to eat dog food many a time. *She loves to bang on the computer keyboard. *She loves Campbell, especially when Campbell is licking the cereal and baby food off her shirt or hands, she just giggles and giggles. *She can drink from a sippy cup, but still prefers her bottle. *She has 3 teeth with a 4th one well on it's way. *She loves the tub and still gets excited when she hears the water turn on. *She wears mostly 12 month clothes. (This list is mostly for me, but I hope you all enjoy it) XOXO, Holly & Co.

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