Back on Track

By Holly - 3/23/2009 09:17:00 AM

And we're back!
We're over the sickness, with the exception of allergies, but that will take months to go away.
Last week I had our Big Enrichment meeting. It was a Relief Society version of Girl's Camp. I made the dessert for the evening and it was a big hit!
Friday was Grandma Julie's birthday and we got to go out to dinner at Claim Jumper. Zoe was such an angel. She sat and ate her puffs and some of my baked potato and some ceral bar. She played with the spoons and straws and sqwaked a bit, but no crying at all! Well until we got about a mile from the house.
I came home to a wonderful surprise on Friday. Our "backyard" which is really our patio with about a 1x6 foot stretch of dirt, was covered with bark and decorated with moss on rocks and a cute little metal fence. Ryan made me a "garden." I've been commenting for a long time how ugly that dirt patch looked and how I wish we could have grass or something out there. I love that my husband pays attention!
This weekend I got my creativity flowing. I scrapbooked 8 pages this weekend, including all of christmas. I've been in a slump for awhile so it felt good to scrapbook again. I'm hoping next week Ryan will take me to Green Tangerines in Rocklin, so I can restock some of my supplies.
Saturday, Ryan had homework, so Zoe and I got a lot of time together. We played in her room, we went on a walk, we went to the craft store, it was quite an exausting day.
Yesterday, we went to church and played with our new friend A. Then we came home and made cookies and cajun chicken nuggets.
And now I leave you with what you came for...
Holly & Co.

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