While we are out....

By Holly - 4/19/2009 08:40:00 PM

So lately, life has been more than busy, and now, I'm sick. But it's been so long since I updated. In short, here's our new happenings. -Zoe took 4 steps. She isn't that interested in walking just yet, but she takes steps every now and then. -Zoe had her 10 month appt. She weighs 20 lbs. 12.5 ozs. putting here in the 70th %. -Zoe is eating lots of solid foods. She loves bread. -Ryan is nearing the end of his semester and is doing great (A's across the board) -I am busy planning ward activities and scrapbooking when I get a chance. Here's some recent pictures to tide you all over. XOXO, Holly & Co.

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