By Holly - 7/24/2009 11:15:00 AM

So I have lots of thoughts floating today. I really want to finally decorate our apartment/our bedroom. Zoe's room is done, although I would like to redecoratethat too. But I can't decide on a theme or even a color scheme. Sometimes I like the brights, like Orange & Grey. and other times I want crisp clean, Dusty blue & ivory. I think I might just have to be a pillow person. Get everything is basics and accessorize with pillows. Anthropologie has a gorgeous duvet on sale. I wonder how Ryan would feel about the flowers....they really are only on the bottom. We may or may not be going to Utah in the next couple of weeks and the back and forth is driving me a little batty. My parents will be there next week but we don't know how long they are staying. And since we don't know when/if they are moving I want to make sure I get to see them when I can. My bff/neighbor will be having a baby within the next 4 weeks, sometime and I want to be here for that. Then driving......all night......with no a/c.....On the other hand I could totally go for some sister time and Cafe Rio.....decisions, decisions. This weekend I need to seriously clean and organize closets. My side of our closet drives Ryan nuts. I need a dresser. I also can't decide how much of Zoe's baby clothes to keep. Right now I think I have 5 boxes of stuff taking up a large chunk of her closet space. Should I just keep the nice dresses and donate the rest? or should I keep it all so we don't have to buy anything if we have another girl. Thoughts? Also, what do you do with your wedding dress? should I just fold it up nicely and put it in a box or keep it hanging? It's really poofy and takes up a lot of space. Im really wanting to hit up Goodwill for some housewares, like shelves and stuff. Ryan is so good a refinishing stuff. Maybe I can sneak off tomorrow morning during Zoe's nap. Zoe if growing like a weed. She looks so grown up already. I don't know what I'm going to do when she turns 2. She is loving her new hairbows that BFF Heather made when she was here. (she wore the supcake one to Grandma's today!) When she sees them she grabs them, brings them to me and motions for me to put them on her head. Then we so, " So pretty" and she runs to show Ryan how pretty she is. She cracks me up. Alright, this concludes my randomness for today. If you made it to the bottom, thanks for reading. XOXO, Holly & Co. PS. I'll be back with new pictures tomorrow.

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