Weekend Away

By Holly - 8/18/2009 04:47:00 PM

This is how we spent our evening on Friday. Driving. This picture was taken around 4am Saturday morning. Zoe slept a lot of the drive to Utah, but work up just before Wendover. anticipating that my 14 month old, may not like being in her carset for 10+ hours, Ryan loaded Mickey Mouse cartoons onto the iPod just in case. So here is Zoe in her carseat at 4am, watching Mickey on the iPod.

We had so much fun seeing lots of family. It was a busy 3 days. We went all over town, shopping and going to old favorite candy shoppes and visiting family. Zoe took a little while to warm up, but had lots of fun with her cousins, and 2nd cousins.

Sorry to everyone we didn't get to see, we should be back in a couple months for a longer stay, so we'll try to get everyone in then. It's amazing how fast 3 days goes.

Back at home......

Last night we had our Relief Society Service Auction. We had lots of fun and great attendance. I won a red coral bracelet/anklet and some babysitting. Thanks to everyone who helped/donated/bid on items. Next activity up: Ward BBQ, August 29th.

R yan will be starting a very FULL semester in a couple weeks. It's been nice to have him off this summer without math homework or labs to be completed in the evenings, but I think he's getting anxious to have homework again...lol...you can only play so many video games (his words)

Zoe is cutting ANOTHER tooth. This will make lucky 13...it's a canine. She missed her bff, E while we were gone. When we got back at 6 am on Tuesday morning, and we walked past there door she started waving. So cute. She's saying lots of new words, Grandpa, PaPa, monkey, and others, but I can't remember them all now.

Campbell was so good while we were gone, thank you to the Boyce family for taking such good care of her!

Stay tuned for more crafty happenings...

Holly & Co.

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