Date Night - Macaroni Grill

By Holly - 9/04/2009 01:36:00 PM

Last night Zoe spent the night at Grandma & Granpa Humbert's house so Ryan and I got a date night!
We went to Macaroni Grill and discovered they had re-done the whole menu. Simplified, added, and changed the whole thing. It was great. The menu also now includes a nutritional information panel, so you can see exactly how many calories, sat. fat etc. you are getting. (EYE-OPENER!) I was shocked that one of my favorite dishes was almost 500 calories more than the Fetticini Alfredo! But it helped me make a positive decision. I got the Pollo Caprese, so Yummy! However out food was extrememly late coming out, so they comped us a dessert, which threw the whole calorie count out the window. (but is was divine)
Then we headed over to Fry's Electronics to walk around and ooh and ahh over expensive gadgets we don't need. We ended up buying printer ink which we needed.
It was an early night, but nice to get some one on one time with the Hubby.

Zoe is feeling much better. While home sick, she learned what the cow says, "Mooo" (said in the most adorable little Zoe voice)

Our dear friends/neighbors welcomed their second baby boy on Wednesday afternoon. Little Noah is as perfect as they come. Mom & Baby are both healthy and well. We're excited to have a brand new baby right next door. You can see pictures on their blog.

We'll be having a PJs & Pancakes breakfast next saturday for our ward Relief Society. I am thinking I need to get some cute jammies for this event. Don't wanna show up in Ryan's giant BYU sweatshirt and yoga pants, which is what I normally wear. Poor Jamie can attest to that. I wonder if Target has some cute ones.

Last weekend I got the urge to re-do Zoe's room. I took down all her alphabet canvases and bedding. I want to redo it in the color scheme/fabric from the quilt the Julie made her. Kind of a 70's mod feel. But then I got tired. So her room is less than cute right now but I'm hoping to make some changes during the long weekend.

Ok enough rambling for now. Have a great weekend everyone.

Holly & Co.

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