just another reason you shouldn't wear your husband's shoes

By Holly - 4/26/2010 12:51:00 PM

I have a lovely goose egg on the left side of my head, and a purple bruise on my left arm.

Yesterday, after we got home, I went to get the mail, wearing Ryan's flip flops.
After claiming the mail, I headed back up the stairs to our apartment.
I tripped on the floppy edge of the over-sized flip flop I was wearing and fell head first onto our cement stairs.

I'm lucky that's all I got. I'm not the first victim of the evil stairs....
poor Ethan also suffered a goose egg just a few months ago.
I'm lucky there was no bleeding of chipped teeth, but I did have a really bad headache.

Yay! We're finally home.

When we got home, I realized how much work we have left to get the apartment back together
I guess that's what you get for moving.

I have more pictures to share and more scrapbook pages to make.

I have big plans to scrapbook this weekend & get Zoe's 2 year photos taken
 (I can't believe she'll be 2 in just a few weeks!)

Holly & Co.

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