By Holly - 9/12/2011 01:46:00 PM

I apologize for the blog absence.
Things got rough last week. I won't bore you with all the other things that went wrong last week, none of those really matter at this point. I don't really share a lot of this intense personal stuff on my blog, but this I just needed to write.

My dear cousin David went missing last week. Of his own accord we believe. He is still MIA. I've been posting most of the info related to this incident on facebook, since that seems to reach more people, more quickly. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts, they have been felt and appreciated.

It threw me for a loop. You see, things like this happen on the news, or to friends of friends, but never in your own family. Never someone you know, and love, and have had wonderful conversations with over the years. Never someone who has drawn you pictures of the awful dates you've been on, just to make you laugh. Never someone with a funny, kind, sweet soul, like David.

Cedar Breaks Canyon, Cedar City, Utah
It's such a surreal feeling. We spent the weekend with a search party in southern Utah, hoping to turn up something. We did eventually get news that his car had been found, back near his home and the local police are now heavily involved.

Even though we didn't find anything on our search, and it made for long days in the car, and a double ear infection for myself, I wouldn't have changed my decision to go. It's events like these that make you realize, Family, is truly THE most important thing. You bet I hugged my baby extra tight when I got home Saturday night. And kissed my husband several extra times.

We returned home Saturday, only to pack up the cars and move up to Idaho the next day. It's feels strange and wrong to return to normal life, when our family is still hurting and searching.

While we are moving on with our daily life, our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with my Aunt, Uncle and their other sons.

Holly & Co.

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