A New Do

By Holly - 1/21/2013 01:43:00 PM

 After getting upset whenever I brushed her hair, I suggested to Zoe that we cut her hair short. This was a few days ago. This morning she asked me to cut it short, and I told her to think about it for awhile. She kept asking over and over and over, so I finally decided to cut it at her request.

I made her take before and after pictures, as I've never cut her hair shorter than her shoulders. Here is the before:

Here is the after:

She LOVES her short hair. She keeps asking if she can brush it over and over. She looks so grown-up to me. It looks like we are going to need some more headbands and clips, since her hair barely fits into a pony tail now. But I'm happy she is happy.

This week I've been immersed in crafty projects and school assignments, leaving little time for photographing and posting them....but I promise there will be some final projects to share soon!

Holly & Co.

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