California Vacation

By Holly - 5/05/2013 07:01:00 PM

We decided to squeeze in a trip to California last week before Ryan started his internship tomorrow. We packed a lot into one short week, but I'm glad we made the trip before it got super hot, although we hit a mini heat wave while we were there... it was 88 degrees the first day, sigh, I don't miss the heat at all.

I took a few pictures of Zoe, she turns 5 in less than a month, and I'm still not sure I believe it.

We spent half of the trip down in the bay area to see Ryan's other siblings and to celebrate cousin Taylor's 6th birthday with her a little early. My sister in law made cone cupcakes and they were a hit!
Birthday Girl

 Told you the cupcakes were a hit! 

We also attempted to get a picture of all the grandkids with Grandma Julie. This wasn't the best one but Zoe's face just cracks me up every time I look at this picture.
Zoe and Asher were pals this trip. It's fun to see the cousins all bond with each other and grow friendships, I really have enjoyed the friendships I have with my cousins.

 On Monday, we spent the day in San Francisco at the Japanese Tea Gardens and the California Academy of Sciences. The entire family indulged me, because I have wanted to go to the gardens for years but never made it there. We missed the cherry blossoms by probably a week or so, but it was still very beautiful and probably would've been relaxing if we didn't have 4 kids with us.
I took over 100 pictures, but I'll just share my favorite. This bridge is WAY higher than it looks, but it was so beautiful.

At the Science Academy, we couldn't take picture of a lot of things, so I kept mine in my bag most of the time. Unfortunately, our wonderful day came to a not so wonderful ending. When we got back to the car, someone had broken the window and stolen Ryan' backpack, which unfortunately had a lot inside it. All replaceable items, but not a fun way to end our trip in the bay area.

On our last day, I got to see an old friend and her adorable kiddos, and we went out to a fantastic dinner with Ryan's parents.

We are glad we were able to see Ryan's family before he started his job and before it got too hot! 
I started my second semester as well, and am taking 2 more classes than I was last semester. It's already super busy, but I am really loving my classes this time. I'm hoping to get Zoe signed up for some fun summer camps and once it's warm enough we'll be spending lots of our days at the local splash park!

Lots of projects to come in the near future!

Holly & Co.

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