By Holly - 7/09/2013 08:59:00 PM

This post is late but I wanted to write it anyway.

Each year the 4th of July is a big celebration. Utah takes a top ranking on places to spend the 4th of July, the spirit of patriotism really is an amazing sight.

Like 300,000 other people, we attended the Provo City parade. It's "just a parade" and although I used to loathe the trip and the parking and the walking and the hour it takes to get back to my grandparents house just a few miles up the road, having Zoe makes it a much more enjoyable event for me. Her excitement is almost contagious, and each float she jumps up and down for. My brother is drum major for his high school marching band this year, and led his band with a sword ( they are the knights) It was so fun to scream for him and watch him try to keep a straight face.

This year the 4th has caused more reflection for me than in the past, as I'm taking two history courses for school right now. We just finished reviewing the Holocaust and WWII the week before and my heart just ached for days.

It really hit home for me this year how free we are and how blessed we are.
Much gratitude to the military and their families who protect us, all those past, present and future.
I'm also so grateful for the courageous men who founded this nation in a time on uncertainty, and who relied on their God for guidance and assistance.
God Bless America.

Holly & Co.

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