Texas | One Week

By Holly - 8/05/2014 07:07:00 PM

We have officially been in Texas one week and I wanted to document my thoughts and feelings thus far.

  • I knew it would be different from living in Idaho, but the concentration of people and buildings is something I'm struggling to get used to. Driving into Fort Worth, my anxiety was super high, there were just so many people, I'm not quite used to it yet.
  • It is not nearly as hot as I thought it would be. According to the locals, it has been unseasonably cool, ranging in the 80's this first week. I was assured I would be suffering soon.
  • The amount of restaurants within 5 miles of here is bound to make me gain 20 lbs. Several of my old favorites like Taco Bueno and Schlotzky's are nearby, and there are a few new ones on our list to try. Also, there is a restaurant where there whole menu is chicken fingers, that's it. I'm thinking these chicken fingers must be magic to sustain an entire restaurant chain.
  • I'm so grateful for Google Maps on my iPhone. I use it to get anywhere. I'm hoping someday soon, I'll be able to find Target without it, for now though, it is my best friend. 
  • U-turns are the norm here. There are lots of unprotected left hand turns and making u-turns is part of driving around here.
  • There is a serious biscuit aisle here. Like serious. Like this isn't even the whole thing. 
  • People are so friendly. I've missed southern hospitality.  
  • I miss Idaho. I didn't think I would miss it so much, but I do. I miss my friends, Zoe's friends, and my routine. I even miss getting to bring Ryan his lunch during the day. But once school starts in a few weeks, I think things will really start to feel normal again.
  • So far I haven't picked up an accent. This I'm guessing will not be the case in a few more weeks.
I plan on reporting back in one month and one year. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Holly & Co. 

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