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By Holly - 9/09/2014 04:47:00 AM

With smartphone cameras being comparable to a point and shoot camera quality, we carry a camera with us the majority of the time. But even then, not all stories we want to tell, get captured on camera. Over the years I've found three good ways to scrapbook without photos.

1. Fill the page with text.

Whether it's handwriting, typewriter or a newspaper article, words are the foundation of stories. Don't be shy, add lots of details and adjectives to document on your pages.

I wanted to document all my childhood Christmas traditions, but because we spent most of those moments together participating, there was no photo to go along with it. I used a calendar page, filled in some of the square with patterned paper and then made small blurbs randomly, about each tradition.

2. Use supplies to tell your story.

Use patterned paper, stickers, stamps, colors, even typography to help recreate the occasion. Just looking at the page and you can already catch a glimpse of what story you are telling

I used a map on a patterned paper to document all the places I've been and what brought me to each place. I used twine and printed labels to easily identify each place with a quick look. 

3. Blend moments together.

Rather than tell about one smaller moment, combine it with other similar stories and create a collection on a page!

From time to time, I get sweet notes from both my husband and daughter. There is no real way to photograph those moments, as usually, they are left for me in secret. Combining notes from both of them on one page tells the bigger story and is a great way to store them!

Do you ever scrapbook without photos? I would love to hear your experiences.

Holly & Co.

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