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By Holly - 11/12/2014 01:11:00 PM

Does anyone else have lettering envy? I'm so guilty. I could look at hand lettered canvases and invitations for hours.

I've tried using calligraphy pens before and I've never had great result. I've tried faux calligraphy which works ok, but takes a long time.

I saw this kit available on the Darby Smart website, and with a $10 coupon, I treated myself to the kit. I've got plans to use it for an upcoming holiday project as well.

Darby Smart is a DIY kit company, they have kits for all kinds of DIY projects. It's like Kiwi Crate for grown ups. I like that they have a variety of kits and it is not a subscription. 

Purchase Here. Use coupon code "howdydarby" for $10 off.

This is my first purchase from Darby Smart. The kit included free 2 day shipping, but it took 5 days to ship, which was a disappointment. I think I've been spoiled living in a big city for the last few months. Things in the mail, even UPS arrive much faster. 

I was excited when it came. The Tiffany blue box was a nice surprise on a weekday afternoon! Upon opening the kit, I found all the pieces included as described and got right to practicing.

The booklet has great instructions for how to make all kinds of letters. The most helpful page in the whole booklet, was page 3 which shows you how to hold the pen. My lines became much more consistent after I followed the guidelines.

It comes with black India ink. A word to the wise, have a rag or paper towels nearby. Also, I wouldn't recommend practicing anywhere near white fabric. #justsayin'

After several sheets of practice letters, I found my groove. It took awhile to learn how much ink to use, how many letters I could get between dips and how to hold the pen. Eventually, I was even starting to writing in cursive. I've only used two of the nibs so far, the smaller two. I'm not quite sure what to use the bigger ones for, as the lettering I'm planning on doing, is going to be rather small.... (more on that to come soon!)

Overall, this was a fun addition to my crafting. What I really liked about this kit and the Darby Smart idea, is that I only needed one box. 

When I'm working on scrapbook pages or sewing projects, I have to get out lots of boxes and materials. I like that this is still crafty and fun, but requires less of a stuff and space commitment.

If you are interested in purchasing this kit (or any others) you can go here, and use the code "howdydarby" for $10 off!

Holly & Co.

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