Goodbye, Summer | A Love Letter

By Holly - 9/01/2015 02:26:00 PM

Being September 1st, it's time to say good-bye to summer. It went both slowly and at the speed of light. Our days were full and yet lazy at the same time.

This summer, I might have hit my record number of bug bites and trips to the pool. We made new friends, and drank our body weight and then some in Slurpees. But it was awesome. Zoe learned to really swim, we celebrated 2 birthdays and an anniversary, and we got to have a family vacation!

Today as we say good-bye to summer and all the fun that comes with it, we give a BIG, warm welcome, to my favorite time of year - Autumn! While it is still over 90°, we are expecting a respite of slightly cooler weather soon.

::cue pumpkin everything::

Holly & Co.

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