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By Holly - 12/23/2015 07:00:00 AM

Does anyone else struggle with what to get your child's teacher for Christmas?

Zoe's teacher this year has been over-the-top amazing! She has cultivated such a special relationship with Zoe. Her genuine desire to help Zoe learn and grow, has ignited a fire in her for learning. She has had so many great academic achievements already this year, and we owe so much to her teacher.

I wanted to make her something special, but something practical.

We moved into a new house a few weeks ago, and although packing and unpacking is a nightmare that lasts forever it seems, one positive side effect is discovering unused supplies. I found that discovered supplies + black Friday/cyber Monday sales = great ideas!

Bonnie Christine of Going Home to Roost, is a new found favorite blogger/designer of mine. She designs beautiful fabric for Art Gallery Fabrics and also owns a Etsy shop. She had a 40% coupon for cyber Monday, and I used it for the Townie Bag Pattern.

The Townie Bag is an over-sized tote with no zippers or pockets, which makes it an easy sew. I do recommend a denim needle for sewing through all the layers. I thought my everyday needle could handle it, since this pattern uses canvas in lieu of interfacing, but nope, it snapped.

It features to sets of handles, a long adjustable fabric handle and two short leather handles. I used an old belt for the short handles and it worked perfectly. I also used rivets for the first time in my sewing. 

To add stiffness and body to the bag, I quilted lines about 3/4 of an inch apart. I would highly recommend this. It adds time and it is tedious, but the end result is beautiful. I also like to increase my stitch length when I do this, it gives a nice finishing touch.

Zoe was so excited to give it to her teacher. We add a card and gift cards inside so she really knew how much we appreciated. Hopefully it will get put to good use.

As far as the pattern goes, it was a fine pattern, but lacked detailed pictures for making the handles and a list of cut fabric pieces at the top. It listed the cuts as you go along, and I prefer to cut all my items first and then assemble. I had to re-read the handle instructions several times to make sure I was understanding it correctly. I ultimately opted for a youtube tutorial to help guide me.

I do love the size! It's the perfect size for a library book bag, a church bag, or a school tote. I am almost finished with another version just for me.

Holly & Co.

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