Mustang Sally | Cotton + Steel

By Holly - 4/04/2016 05:00:00 AM

This bright and bold pile of loveliness, is finally done! I've had it ready to quilt since September, its been sitting all basted and folded just waiting for me to have a free weekend. LDS General Conference, gave me the perfect excuse to spend all weekend at my sewing machine.

The fabric is Mustang by Melody Miller for Cotton + Steel. I bought a layer cake (10" squares) for cheap from Craftsy, during a major clearance sale. The pattern is Crackle by Aneela Hoey. I added a wider border than the pattern calls for. The finised measurements are about 67"x 75".

For the quilting, I did some staggered straight line stitching. My straight lines are never very straight, but I subscribe to the club of "better done than perfect", so it's acceptable by me! I quilted it with some silky metallic mint colored thread. It was much more expensive than my regular cotton thread, but it blends in beautifully with all the bold colors in the quilt, worth every penny. 

This quilt it already boxed up and off to a secret recipient. It is actually one of my most favorite quilts. I love the mustangs and the metallic accents, but my pile of personal quilts is good for now, and I have plenty more in the works. I'm ready to pass this one on.

Ryan was gracious in helping me get one last picture before we wrapped it up, as you can see. It's the perfect snuggle quilt. I hope it will get many hours of use and be washed, snuggled, and loved many times over.

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