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By Holly - 5/05/2016 10:00:00 PM

If you are not familiar with Fort Worth Fabric Studio, you should be! Jodie is the kindest and sweetest person you could ever hope to work with. She prides herself on customer service and has lightening fast shipping. 

Every Friday, Jodie releases a new bundle for sale. These bundles are limited in quantities, so if you fall in love, jump on it fast. Recently, each Friday bundle has come with a project idea or tutorial. Jodie asked me to help for this week, and I couldn't have loved the bundle more. It's girly and fresh, perfect for the upcoming summer months. 

This week's bundle is Pink Lemonade.

 To showcase this amazing bundle, I made two projects with the bundle. One of my favorite parts of working at Fort Worth Fabric Studio, was helping brainstorm ideas for bundle names. I decided to keep with the theme name and make some items for a lemonade stand. A party banner and a coin purse.

 Today, I have the tutorial for the party banner. It is also perfect for decorating a girl's room or a birthday party. I still have some leftover fabric to blend into my stash or make something else, maybe a table runner.


Start by ironing your fat quarters. Cut 2.5"x WOF strips from each fabric. 

 Make bias tape from strips by sewing diagonally along matched up corners of each strip. I use a bias tape maker to fold the fabric while I iron it. You can also fold and iron by hand.

Cut 6.5"xWOF strips from all fat quarters. Using a ruler, cut 6.5" tall triangles from strips. 

 You should have 32 triangles. Match the triangles with the same fabric, place wrong sides together. Stitch along two sides. Repeat until you have 16 completed triangles. (Discard one triangle, you only need 15 for this project.)

 Use pinking shears to trim the sewn edges of the triangles.

Fold the bias tape length in half, mark. Fold a triangle in half, mark. 

 Open the bias tape and insert the triangle, matching the markings.{All unfinished edges of the triangle and bias tape should be tucked inside the fold.}Place clover clip on top of all layers, along the center point.

Match edges of the next triangle. Place clover clips on outside. Repeat with 7 triangles on each side of the center triangle. This will assure the banner is balanced. 

Sew the bias tape closed, securing all the triangles. 


The total length is about 4 yards. This project can be completed in an afternoon. Think of all the possible fabric combinations! I'm very excited to make alternate versions of this project.


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