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By Holly - 1/09/2011 03:39:00 PM

My scrapping desk situation is a little different up here in Idaho. In our old house, I had most of the  extra kitchen space filled up with a desk and a table and drawers.
Here, we're planning on actually getting a kitchen table, so the desk is in our bedroom, since it's the onle place that has extra room. I'm hoping we'll eventually be able to get a card table or something, but for now, I'm working on the top of a small filing cabinet.
It's definitely different, but it works :)

Having a small space actually forces me to plan layouts a little betters since I only have so much room to spread out supplies.

I've got a couple layouts to share today, this first one, I've had the pictures for awhile, but finally got around to scrapping them last night.

This gingham strip your see here is actually fabric tape with a sticky back that I won on a blog contest months ago. I've wanted to use it, but never really found a good use for it. Until this layout :)

The little tab on the left side actually pulls out and there's some hidden journaling about our gingerbread house building activity.

This page is actually for my sister. She will find out when she reads this.
 Merry late Christmas, Happy early Birthday!

This I made using my own copy of the Studio Calico Buster Brown add-on this month. I liked parts of Buster Brown and parts of Betty Crocker, so I bought just the pieces I liked.
This is all from the Buster Brown add-on, except for the pink photo corners, I made those out of AC Dear Lizzy fabric paper and the bird stamp (which is from an earlier kit).

Today we're laying low, Zoe finally got sick. ( and by finally, I mean, my whole family was sick over Christmas and she managed to miss it, she's about 2 weeks late on getting sick)
She was coughing so hard she couldn't fall asleep long enough to take a good nap.

I made a big batch of cinnamon rolls,my mother-in-law's recipe, ande they turned out awesome, as usual!

Ryan is making dinner while Zoe and I watch "Princess and the Frog" for the 100th time...

My first blog post on the Polka Dot Whimsy blog will be up in a couple days,
 I'll let you all know when that is :)

Happy Sunday!

Holly & Co.

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