Take a closer look...

By Holly - 1/23/2011 11:16:00 PM

If you take a closer look at this picture, you will find....

-A tired mommy in sweats at 5:00pm
-Zoe in a princess dress
-Zoe with homemade sock puppets on both hands
- Zoe wearing a princess crown made by Aunt Jenni
- Mommy's bangs need to be cut
Zoe wearing some of Mommy's make up
- A few people who are sick of being inside

Also, we discovered than Ryan has some sort of food allergy. Last night, he had a couple red bumps on his arm, took some benedryll and they went away, he was fine.
Well, this afternoon, he ended up with hives all over his chest, arms and back.
We're not sure exactly what he's allergic to, but we've narrowed it down to something in the green juice he bought at the store yesterday.
Thankfully, the benedryll took care of the hives and they are going away now, but it gave  us quite a scare to see him covered in hives today.

Well, I should get to bed....

Holly & Co.

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