Tired of Waiting

By Holly - 1/28/2011 05:56:00 PM

This afternoon, Ryan and I were cleaning up the house a bit and discussing some scheduling issues we've had and Zoe wanted a snack. She kept asking over and over and I told her to sit on the couch and I'd be out in a few minutes to get her something to snack on.

Ryan and I finished cleaning and talking a few minutes later and we came out to the family room to find this little sleeping beauty. She had put herself to bed on the floor.

She slept like that for a good hour. Zoe hardly EVER falls asleep anywhere but her bed or in the car. I was shocked she just laid down and fell asleep. She must have been really tired.

I've got a couple layouts to share.

I've lost a bit of my mojo lately. I made these to hopefully jump start my creativity.
Waiting for some new kits to arrive, hopefully that will aid in some new inspiration.

We're looking forward to Rexburg Snow Day tomorrow. Hopefully we'll have some cute pictures to share when we get home.

Holly & Co.

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