First things First

By Holly - 5/12/2008 08:05:00 AM

Yesterday was Mother's Day. I just wanted to say I love my MOM! She is truly a woman worth recognizing, and I hope she realizes that. I got to speak in church yesterday about my wonderful Mom, and yes, I cried. I love you MOM! Also, I wanted to recorgnize my sweet Mother-in-Law, Julie. I'm so happy she raised a wonderful son for me to marry. Thanks Julie! This past weekend Lara and Rachel both got married! Congratulations to you both. I'm glad you chose to get married in the Temple. We're sorry we were unable to attend, but the Dr. has me under restriction to not travel more than 45 minutes away from the hospital, just in case. I'm sure both the sealings and receptions were beautiful! I can't wait to see pictures. Ryan finished the semester last week with a 4.0 GPA! Hooray for hard-working husbands! The semester has been especially busy for him and I'm so proud of him for finishing so strong! Not only did he complete all his assignments but he worked during the week, took care of a crazy pregnant wife. (those of you who have had one, can relate I'm sure) and took care of a crazy puppy. I love you Ryan, you are a wonderful husband! This week we start once a week Dr. appointments! I've only got 5 weeks until my due date. It's amazing how fast times flies by, but at the same time it seems so slow. Baby Zoe is still moving around, although not as much, she's running out of room. I'm still getting contractions, almost daily, but they rarely last long. I will update after my Dr. appointment this Thursday. This past weekend, Ryan and I went to the Outlet Mall in Folsom. We stopped by the Harry & David store to get a present for my Mother-in-law. Caution: Do not go to that store hungry. Everything in there looking so delicious. We're lucky we got out with only a gift for her. We also went to the Baby Gap outlet. I could have spent days in there. Why is it that clothes are so cute when they are for babies? I think it's just the fact that the shirt looks like it could fit a doll that makes it so cute! Have a good week everyone! XOXO, Holly & Co.

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