when Mom is away....

By Holly - 2/27/2010 01:01:00 PM

Ryan & Zoe with play with her camera.
I found these silly pictures while I was uploading this morning.
They must be from the past week or so.
I love the the bed head and the "flash" smile.
I love my little family.

This layout took me 2 weeks to complete. 
I got stuck a lot.
I've had this picture awhile.
It's my late Grandmother in her robe, opening presents I think.
I made a quilt bow-tie pattern with patterned papers. She was a quilter, so I thought it was fitting. 

I ended up journaling on the back of the layout, because I wanted the front to stay simple. 
It reads:
"I still...
-have your phone number in my cell phone
-have the last book you gave me
-keep and read the birthday cards you wrote me
-feel you near
I still miss you..."

I just put Zoe down for a nap so I'm going to go brave the rain to run some errands.
Have a great weekend!


Holly & CO.

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