By Holly - 2/02/2010 08:44:00 AM

On most weekends, it seems like we end up in Roseville.
There's just more to do there (and better places to eat :)

Saturday we visited the Fountains shopping center, which houses our favorite place. We opted to try a new restaurany instead. We went to The Counter. It was small with urban decor. The door to the patio, which was closed, is a full size clear garage door. (very cool) The menu is a clipboard with a checklist for "build your own burger". They have other menu items too, like the grilled cheese trifecta (which is what I got) Zoe got the mini burgers and they brought her food out first and way fast (we love that) Everything was great. Not healthy, but yummy! Zoe even ate the onion long as she could ,"dip it".

We ended the visit with a trip to Whole Foods, to get stuff for guacomole and homemade chips. The guac turned out great and the chips were yummy but too thick, next time we'll get thin tortillas.

I also watched the movie, Whip it.  It was funny and heartwarming "coming of age" tale as Jamie put it :)

It was nice to get out this weekend, because last weekend we were in the house the whole time, we all got anxious.

Sunday, we went to church, where nursery was a chore but Zoe managed to stay in the whole 3rd hour so Ryan and I could attend our combined meeting together. Then we ended the evening with a yummy dinner at the Humbert's.

I know life around here has been a little boring lately, not a ton new to post. Hopefully this week will hold something more exciting to post about. We are planning a trip to the zoo, provided the weather warms up soon.

Holly & Co.

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