Costco Saturdays

By Holly - 5/21/2010 03:39:00 PM

I grew up looking forward to Saturdays, when my whole family would pile in our van and we'd spend our lunch hour at Costco. Shopping, enjoying the samples, convincing my parents we needed that 96 pack of Bagel Bites. We'd joke about who would ever need 15 lbs of peanut butter at one time. Or how we'll never, ever use up all that wrapping paper.
Now when we're all back home, we ususally try to fit in a Costco run.
Some families went on fishing trips, some went to the beach,
we went to Costco and loved every minute of it!
(of course, we also went on fishing trips and to the beach, but mostly Costco :)

Early in our marriage, Ryan and I would meet at the Costco down the road my my office to meet for lunch.
Lunch for 2 under $5.00, including drinks and dessert, sold!
Today, I had a craving for a hot dog, so I headed there on my lunch. I ate my lunch by myself, but it had my wishing for the day's when I lived at home and looked forward to Saturday outings.
I think Ryan and I are going to get a Costco membership for our anniversary.
Romantic, huh.
Hopefully, we can start providing Zoe with some of those fun Costco saturday memories.

the straw is not up her nose in this picture, it just looks like it.

I took this of Zoe on Monday. McD's has drinks on sale for $1 no matter the size.
Large diet coke for mommy - Apple Juice box for Zoe.

Thanks to Uncle Brok, the volunteer babysitter,
 I think Ryan and I might get a little date night tonight.

Happy Friday!

Holly & Co

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