Thanksgiving 2010 {Part 1}

By Holly - 11/25/2010 01:02:00 PM

Our Thanksgiving has been most wonderful so far.
We got to sleep in, just a little bit.
We spent the morning lounging around together, laughing and giggling.

I'm now in the throws of making dessert for the Humbert Family Thanksgiving Feast this afternoon.
I'm making pumpkin and pumpkin apple pies.

Zoe likes to help me cook, but I was nervous for her help withe pies. They are more delicate than cookies or pancakes. So Ryan whisked Zoe off and returned when I had finished mixing the pies, with a Diet Coke even...he gets an extra Gold star for that one!

Zoe made this little turkey at daycare this week and we all adore it. She likes to carry it around like a baby.

I've named him Lurkey Turkey.
If we were having Thanksgiving dinner at our house, he would be the centerpiece on our non-existent table. :)

{+Gary and Eliza}

And while we're on the theme of Thanksgiving, I just wanted to say how grateful I am for our families.
We're so lucky to be part of such large loving families. 
No matter where we go for the holidays, there's always love, laughing and lots of good food.
I love that we'll always be surrounding with lots of people that love us.

I'll be back later with Part 2. I hope you are enjoying your holiday as much as I am mine!

Holly & Co.

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