December Daily: Day 18

By Holly - 12/18/2010 07:54:00 PM

Yesterday was a sad day.
We had to say farewell to Ryan's parents.
For the past 3.5 years we've lived about 3 miles from Ryan's parents.
Zoe has spent more than 150 Fridays with Grandma Julie, a blessing that cannot be described in words.
 Zoe knows that Friday is officially, "Grandma Day"
They have provided Ryan with a flexible job that allowed him to continue to go to school and earn a great wage. They've been a safe haven and helped ease my homesickness from my own family.
We love them and are so sad that we won't get to see them every week.

We had a scrumptious dinner at Aunt Chantelle and Uncle Danny's house, not too far from my parents house. Dan made an asian type feast, complete with all types of sauces. The fried rice was my favorite.

They have 3 girls that Zoe just adores. They have so much fun playing and running around. I can't wait for Zoe to have a sibling someday.

It was also the day of our first snow. Zoe was wearing new boots and cautious of the snow. It melted the next day.

I promise I have projects to post, I'm just a little behind on photographing, it's been unexpectedly busy around here.

Holly & Co.
P.S. Dan & Julie, we're already planning a visit this summer :)

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