December Daily: Day 22

By Holly - 12/23/2010 12:01:00 PM

Yesterday was a packed fun-filled day.
Ryan took Zoe to the Ancient History Mueseum at Thanksgiving Point.

Apparently Zoe wasn't really ready to face sharp-toothed reptiles. Ryan said she clung to him the whole time.
But she couldn't stop talking about the dinosaurs when she got home.

Then after a nap and a delicious belated birthday dinner, we decorated gingerbread houses.

Lots of pictures. We had a great time. Zoe helped and the hindered.
She would put candy on the house, then promptly pull it off and eat it.
 Or occassionally the piece would go straight to her mouth and then onto the house.
We won't be snacking on that house :)
Mom and Dad were comparing icicle making talents.
I made a snow front yard out of marshmallows.
Ben made a clown gingerbread man, complete with rainbow colored wig.
 Jenni and family come into town tonight, I'm so excited to wake up and hold my new niece!

Well I gotta go get some wrapping done.
Holly & Co.

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