Monday ends with Sun

By Holly - 4/18/2011 04:33:00 PM

Whew, lots to share today!

I worked out pretty hard on Saturday, and the effects dribbling over into yesterday and today. I was feeling pretty crummy this morning and I was pretty sure I was getting sick.
However, things have definitely turned around today.

In no particular order,

*Ryan's books for this semester are under $200! 

*Got 2 e-mails from Elder Humbert

*Sonic Happy Hour

*Funny new phrase from Zoe Bug, "Oh, Goody Goody!"

*My Grandparents are coming for Dinner

*I'm planning this fun Easter activity/lesson for Zoe.

*  I love the way this page turned out.

* I'm pretty sure we're having ice cream for dessert :)

Happy Monday!

Holly & Co.

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