Truckin' Along

By Holly - 5/30/2011 09:27:00 PM

We finally got one nice evening this past week.

Zoe and my Mom got some flowers to plant in the front yard,
while my Dad and I spent some time looking through binoculars, admiring the beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

This week we spent a lot of time inside because of the rain and wind.
Lots of trips to the play place, scrapbook store and Cabela's.

Zoe is becoming a big fan of the shooting games and the fish at Cabela's.

Ryan is still going strong at school and we're just waiting anxiously for Summer to come.

This week we've got our 4th anniversary and Zoe's 3rd birthday.
Lots of yummy food and celebrating.

Today, we spent the day just us 3 and everytime we do, I'm reminded how much I love our little family and how well we work together.

Crazy hair and all :)

Holly & Co.

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