By Holly - 10/14/2011 02:18:00 PM

First off, I'm so excited, Ryan's sister had her baby this week, and used one of my favorite names, Gwendolyn. I love it! I can't wait to meet her in a few weeks over the Thanksgiving holiday. I'm so happy for them!

Second, I've been super emotional lately, for no good reason that I can come up with, must be the change in seasons or something.

Third, with the recent birth of babies close to us and so many friends announcing pregnancies, I've been reflecting and thinking about when Zoe was born and our special bond. Ryan and I are working on adding to our family (no announcement yet) but with the excitement of adding someone new, the change in the dynamic of our little troup of three, makes me a little sad. Which is where this layout comes in.

Even though I'm looking forward to someday adding more children to our family, for right now, I'm having a good time with Zoe. She is in a really fun stage, where everything is the world is wonderful. She can't get enough of learning and exploring new things.

She is my now. This includes, trips to the cupcake shop, working on projects, painting nails, bubble baths, lots of stories, wearing pretty, pouffy dresses, having dance parties, twirling, lots of crying, baking yummy things, pouty lips, princess hair, playing at the park, swordfighting, and so much more.

Enjoy your Friday!

Holly & Co.

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