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By Holly - 2/07/2012 02:58:00 PM

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So I'm having a love affair with the new Dear Lizzy line, Neapolitan. So much so, that when I was down in Utah, the second place I went, was Archiver's. They didn't have the entire line - but I picked up the majority of what I want. The rest I'll pick up from Paper Issues, when Cassie gets it in stock.

I had this little chipboard book lying around and I thought I should put it to good use. I filled it with some favorite instagram photos, documenting some of my favorite things.

Mini books are usually hard for me, as I rarely have one event with enough pictures to document the occasion. But this worked out just great. It's pretty small, about 3x5 and it will be keeping it's home on my bookshelf.

Some of the things in those photos, are also favorite items of mine - like my Fuji Instax I got for Christmas - my Anthropologie mug, my mother in law bought me for my birthday - Strega Nona, a favorite book of mine and now Zoe's - Isn't it amazing, how you have favorite things that you kinda don't think about.

Funny story - In my 9th grade yearbook I had 4 pictures in the yearbook. I was wearing the same sweater in each of the photos. They were all taken on different days. I really loved that sweater. :)

Holly & Co.

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