Halloween Cookie Party

By Holly - 11/05/2012 09:34:00 AM

Things have been so busy I forgot to post about our cookie decorating party. I made a LOT of cookies, using my mom's sugar cookie recipe. I made regular sugar cookies as well as chocolate sugar cookies with a bit of recipe tampering.

 Jamie and I had done cookie decorating before with the kids, and the sprinkles were fought over, so I decided to give everyone their own set of sprinkle, using mini muffin cups. This was great, until the kids dumped the entire cup(s) worth on a cookie. Probably would've worked better with older kids.

 We had 9 different kinds of sprinkles. Most purchase at the Target $1 spot. LOVE that aisle. The rest were purchased at the Prepared Pantry, which is also where I got the neon food coloring. They have an online store HERE if you need to purchase concentrated colors but don't want to buy an entire pack, they sell them individually.

And yes, I took a shortcut. I used store bought frosting. But in my defense, I made like 6 dozen sugar cookies. That's a lot of rolling, cutting and baking.

 As you can see, they all ate as the were decorating. Which was fine by me. The moms snacked on some other food I made and enjoyed some good conversation.

I'm hoping to make this an annual thing. I'm not a huge Halloween fan, but this helps me get into the holiday spirit. I think next year we might need to do it outside :)

Holly & Co.

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