Art Box for Kids under $10

By Holly - 8/05/2013 06:00:00 AM

At the beginning of the summer, I found this fantastic box at Ikea (and you can buy it online!) Over the weeks and months we've been filling it up with art supplies for Zoe.

There are three features of this box that make me love it so -
1. the top is flat which can be used as a working surface
2. it comes with several dividers so you can rearrange the box to fit your supplies
3. it is big enough to store all her supplies in one place

With these items, including the box, you can have your very own art box for under $10! And it's school supply season, you might even be able to score these items for less.

Box - $4.99
Crayons 8ct - $0.69
Markers 8 ct - $0.97
Glue - $1.77
Scissors - $0.89
Total = $9.31

Now that is just the basics, and you may already have a lot of those things around your house or other items you can swap in, like colored pencils or glue sticks.

Now, for the deluxe edition....

All items above are from Target Dollar Bins, each item was $1.00.
Entire contents of each package is pictured.

Other items you could include:
- Popsicle sticks
- stamps or stamp markers
- watercolors or watercolor crayons
- colored paper
- stickers
- shoelaces or string (for making bead necklaces)

The options are endless and really great to control the mess art supplies sometimes come with. These would also make great gifts or road trip companions.

Holly & Co.

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