Revisiting My One Little Word

By Holly - 12/30/2013 08:38:00 AM

And grow I did.

I have a year of college under my belt, and in one more, I will have my associate's degree. 
I have returned to work.
I got pregnant, miscarried, and managed not to crumble.
I have learned Adobe Illustrator and created some fun downloads for my blog.
I survived my gall bladder surgery and Ryan's back surgery.
I lost the 20 lbs. I gained in 2012 from fertility drugs.
I have spiritually grown closer to God, and embraced my new calling as a Sunday school teacher.
I hosted Thanksgiving dinner.

I feel like 2013 was our best year yet in the Humbert household. That may sound strange considering a few events that could have been seen as devastating that have occurred for us this year. Car accidents, multiple surgeries, losses, struggles, etc, but truly we are better than ever. 
Growing was exactly what I needed in 2013. A chance to stretch my muscles, all kinds, creative, physical, academic, spiritual, emotional, I feel like I'm back to me again, something I felt I missed for a good portion of 2012. 

I'm happy and excited for what 2014 will bring, come back tomorrow to see my one little word for 2014 and an announcement!

Holly & Co.

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