Happy Valentine's Day!

By Holly - 2/14/2014 08:33:00 AM

I had a chance to work with this sweet collection, Yours Truly, from Pebbles, INC. I love the hand drawn element's and the graphic simple embellishments. I always love a good blue thrown into a Valentine collection. 
(The pictures are of my sweet friend Aly and her family that I took in December)

This page is one of my new favorites. Since Zoe has starting reading and writing, she leaves Ryan and I sweet little notes all the time, and I've needed some place to put them. It gives me a good chance to use up my stock of decorative envelopes.

We started our Valentine's Day with pancakes, hugs and kisses all around! I'm off work today and Zoe is off school today, and it's snowing outside, so we are planning on enjoying a nice day together inside!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Holly & Co.

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