2014 | A Review

By Holly - 1/01/2015 03:02:00 PM

I spent the last several hours of 2014 in car. I was driving to Texas from Utah, after attending the services for my Grandfather. We spent a total of 44 hours in a car on the trip there and back, which led to a lot of time for thought and review.

This year has been really hard in a lot of ways. We have endured the loss of family members and pregnancies. We have uprooted our lives, leaving behind close friends and family. We both started new jobs, which bring challenges.

But true to my One Little Word, I chose at the beginning of 2014, it has been an adventure. I grabbed a few of my favorites from 2014 to share.

Favorite Acheivement - Ryan Graduating Cum Laude

Favorite Place - Grand Canyon

Favorite Project - Embroidered Map

Favorite Selfie

Favorite BBQ - Riscky's in Fort Worth Stockyards

Favorite Zoe Picture 

I'm grateful for all the support and encouragement we have received this year. I'm glad to close the book on 2014 - while a lot of good things happened, it was kind of a crazy time for us. I'm looking forward to a more quiet 2015.

I'll be sharing my One Little Word for 2015 tomorrow!

Holly & Co.

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