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By Holly - 1/03/2015 03:59:00 PM

As part of my One Little Word for 2015, I have a mini goal to do something creative everyday. This should be fairly easy considering I have a dedicated craft corner in my room and several projects already in the works or in mind.

While not all creativity can be quantified - for my purposes I am going to try.


  • Complete 6 quilts - this shouldn't really be that hard, considering I have 4 already in various stages on completion. 
  • Sew 6 garments for Zoe - I got a serger for my birthday, and I am determined to make it worth it. I have plenty of patterns and fabric to make clothes for Zoe.
  • Sew 6 garments for Myself - Last year, I sewed a dress for myself. It wasn't perfect, in fact, there are a lot of things that needed improvement in it, but, it was good enough to wear to my brother-in-law's wedding reception, and I even got a few compliments on it. This is also in effort to improve the quality of my wardrobe, making items that fit me well. View my Pinterest board of wardrobe patterns here.

Here I am in the not-so-perfect dress.


  • Make 52 pages in 2015 - The reason this is a yearly goal, is I scrapbook in waves. I can complete 3 pages in a day, and then none for weeks on end, so I making this a yearly tally.
  • Sort and Purge supplies - I do better with less options. I have boxes overflowing with supplies that I haven't touched in too long. Watch for some sale boxes and giveaways!
My favorite scrapbook page from 2014

  • Take a picture with my SLR every week - I've been seriously neglecting my camera lately. It was only in the Fall, when I took my cousin's family pictures, that I realized how much I miss it. 
  • Find 3 new places to take pictures - I found a really cool purple wall by accident a few weeks ago, but I need to find some other places to go here in Fort Worth.
So that's pretty simple right? 
I hope to achieve all these and more. But I'm starting small and simple,

Do you have creative goals? How do you measure them?

Holly & Co.

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