Me Some

By Holly - 10/19/2009 10:28:00 AM

is Zoe's new favorite phrase.
You have some.
You have some.
You have a cinnamon some.
You have raw eggs in a some. ( No we didn't give her raw eggs...)

She's getting better at putting words together. Like on the drive home from Roseville this weekend, she dropped her binky and I said, " Where did your binky go?" and the rest of the trip home she said" My binky go?" over and over.

We're trying to get her to say please if she asks for something, like "Up, please" but she will say up, then after we remind her, she will say please but won't say them together.

She's also good at herding Campbell into her crate. She chases after her waving her hand saying "Go Campbell, Go!"

We've been feeling less than stellar at the Humbert house, some lingering cold/flu/headaches and Zoe's 2 teeth are taking their sweet time coming in. Lots of snuggles, sippy cups, books & blankets. Oh and Ryan made cinnamon rolls....mmm.

I've been working on some crafting but I can't show it because it's for some Christmas gifts and these people read my blog :) But I will be doing some non-Christmas crafting tonight so I'll post those soon.

Holly & Co.

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