{ice cream dream}

By Holly - 1/29/2010 11:11:00 PM


don't these pictures look dreamy....:) 
(playing with new photoshop actions)
We went our for ice cream tonight with the Stauffers to Leatherby's. Zoe had her very first ice cream sundae, it was a clown sundae.

She kept saying," mmmmm," over and over. She really liked the cherries. She gnawed on the cone most of the time, but overall I think it was a success!
Ethan kept saying," Face, face," pointing out the melted ice cream dripping from Zoe's face.

Last Sunday, Ryan and I made apple cinnamon rolls. They were heavenly. I didn't even use the half and half, and instead of the vanilla glaze I made classic cream cheese frosting. Yes, they were gone within 24 hours. It felt good to cook something that Ryan loved. Usually he's the one making fantastic meals, so it was nice to return the favor.

This weekend we're hoping to get out of the house, as last weekend I was fighting a sinus infection. I'm also wanting to get some crafting time, including having Zoe help me with making valentines.

Hope you're all staying dry and warm.
Holly & Co.

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