21 Months

By Holly - 3/03/2010 11:53:00 PM

My Zoe bug in all her fashionable glory. 
Frizzy hair..check. 
Chipping fingernail polish....check. 
J.Crew look a like shirt...check.

at 21 months, here are some of the things she does.
-She counts to 12 (not always in order)
- She loves songs. She will request them on our drive home from day care every day. However, there are 2 different monkey songs. 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed & 5 little monkeys swinging in the tree. She refers to both songs as "Monkey Song." So I do my best to guess which one she wants, but sometimes I am corrected with loud yelling of, "MONKEY SONG!" meaning, the OTHER monkey song.
- She likes to color, but rarely stays on the same page for more than 3 seconds. Almost every page in her coloring books has a single mark on it, some have more. 
- She likes to eat chippys (chips, crackers or tortillas)  dippits(dip or anything resembling dip), fruick (fruit), real (cereal) , bom (odwalla bar), CHICKEN (always said loudly), beef, meal (oatmeal) & treats.
- She remembers the way to Grandma & Grandpa's house and will say,
 "Grandma?" when we're around the corner. 
- She dances a lot, especially when we are the ones singing.
- Every morning I go in to get her, I am greeted with, " Good morning Mama!"
-She loves tubbies & Dora bubbles & her miniature rubber ducks.
- She loves to give hugs and will hug inanimate objects, like the couch or chair.
- She will play sleep and fake snore.
She lays down for a few seconds and then proudly announces , " Wake-up!"
- She is very concerned when anyone is crying, she says, " Oh no, he/she's crying!. Sad."
- She gets time-outs and is quick to say Sorry.
- She will climb on anything. 
- She loves shoes. We keep a basket of mine and Ryan's shoes by the door and most evening she will walk around in a pair. Except for Ryan's work boots, she hasn't been able to successfully get both on.
- She loves the books, Corduroy, Go Dog Go, & Barnyard Dance.
- She still loves Mickey, but has found a new love for Dora the Explorer, Ratatouille (Remy as she calls it) and Lilo & Stitch (Titch as she calls it)
- She will fold her arms for an entire prayer, most of the time.
- She loves Campbell. She will let her in and outside. She will feed her and yell at her when she doesn't want Campbell to eat the snack out of her hand. She will crawl inside her crate and try to convince Campbell to join her by yelling, " Campbell, come here," over and over. She will roll around on the floor with her and laugh when she barks.
- She loves Ethan and the whole Stauffer Family. When we go next door to see if Ethan can play and he isn't home, it ALWAYS results in a crying meltdown. She's easily disappointed.
- When I pick her up every afternoon, she always check my ears for "pretties." If I am wearing earrings she will say," oh, pretty mama." If I am not wearing earring she will say, " Oh no!"
- She loves stickers. I'm pretty sure that's how we're going to potty train her...with stickers.

She is our buddy and we love her so much! I can't believe she went from
this to...
this in just 21 months.

 I {heart} you bink!

Holly & Co.

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