embarassing moment #296

By Holly - 3/07/2010 11:05:00 PM

This is a story I knew I had to write on the blog just as soon as it happened.

 {Holly in Oklahoma, 2006}

This weekend, my in-laws graciously offered to watch Zoe, as it had been a few weeks since Ryan & I had been out together. We "enjoyed" a nice dinner at Mas, I saw that in quotes because our entire dinner we were right next to the live mariachi band. Yeah, we ate and promptly left. We walked to the car, and once we got to the car, Ryan and I started kissing, leaning up against the car. :::Fast forward a couple minutes::: Ryan goes to open my door and tries the key. The smile on his face disappears and he says," This isn't our car."

Yeah, talk about embarrassing. Lucky for us it was dark and the rightful owner didn't walk to their car in those couple moments. I realize it could have been a lot worse but I haven't been that embarrassed in awhile.

Moving on...

Ryan went with the youth in our ward up to Tahoe to spend the day in the snow on Saturday. Meaning, Zoe and I didn't get dressed until 3 pm, just in time to greet Ryan. ( I did clean and catch up on my shows via Hulu.com though)

Right now I have cookies in the oven because I had an unsatisfied craving for sweets. I love the way they make the house smell.

This is why we make Zoe drink out of a sippy cup.
This is her with a blueberry-strawberry smoothie. 
Yeah, the tray was way cleaner than the wall.

 Been scrapbooking lately...You'll see lots of these pictures of Zoe in the green jacket because I love every single one Aly took. I can't just scrapbook one I love all of them.

Gotta grab the cookies out of the oven...

Holly & Co.

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