Visit with Nona and Papa

By Holly - 8/15/2010 05:30:00 PM

I told you this week was busy, I had no time to blog. But I'm here now with lots of pictures!

My parents came into town this weekend just for fun! It'd been a long time since they had been out here to visit, so we were excited to show them around.
Day 1: Thursday. My parents didn't get into town until almost 10pm but they came by to say before they went to their hotel.
Day 2: Friday. Ryan had to work, but I took the day off. We got up bright and early and headed to the Sacramento Zoo. Zoe had never been to the zoo and none of us had been to the Sacramento one.
Right as we got into the park, they had the train. It was empty, but we went to ask about rides. They said we could go right then, and have it all to ourselves. It was great!

The little cars are really small, but Zoe had so much fun. After our train ride, we stopped at the picture spot. Here's Zoe on a safari :)
Zoe really enjoyed seeing the monkeys and that's what she's pointing to. The Sac Zoo is a lot smaller than the huge Denver Zoo I grew up visiting, but we were able to get SO much closer to the animals. We were about 5-6 feet from 2 jaguars with nothing but a wire fence in between us. We saw the new tiger cub. We also got to pet a desert turtle. It was nice to get a little bit closer than we would have been able to at a big zoo.
Zoe didn't want to ride in the stroller or walk, she wanted to be carried, but I made her walk and she was less than happy about it. Holding hands with Papa and Nona made it a little better though.
We were going to head over to Fairytale Town, but it looked really busy and lunchtime was nearing, so we decided to head towards home to get some lunch. We stopped at El Torito, so Zoe could have some salsa (her favorite). While Zoe took her nap, my Mom and I headed over to Tayo's fabrics and spent almost 2 hours looking around.
Ryan and my Dad hung out with Zoe for the night while my Mom and I went to our Ward Service Auction. It was so great to have my Mom there to help. We won lots of fun stuff. Jamie's muffins, a sock monster kit, a reed diffuser, it was great.

Day 3: Saturday. My Dad and Ryan got up bright and early to play some golf. Zoe and I went and picked up my Mom at her hotel and we went shopping! Zoe has grown a lot in the past couple months. Her waist is the same, but she's shot up like 2 inches. None of her jeans fit her, and her shorts are beginning to be a bit immodest. So we went to Old Navy and stocked up. We even got her Halloween Costume -
We're not that big into Halloween, but I didn't want her to be without a costume, so she's going as a pretty pink skeleton this year. (and they double as jammies, so win/win!) The hardest part will be keeping them in the package until Halloween.
After shopping and Golf, we headed up to Lucille's BBQ in Rocklin...mmmm....
Best strawberry lemonade ever...and they serve it in a mason jar...double plus!
I love the kitschy decor. This lamp made me smile.
 Papa trying to entertain Zoe while we were waiting for our food.
I love her making this face. 
 After lunch, we had naps. Then headed off to the park.
After the park, we took Mom and Dad to Mix-it Yogurt. They had never been to a yogurt bar before. Needless to say, they loved it!
Day 4: Sunday. Mom and Dad came over this morning to have cinnamon rolls with us before church. They stayed through first hour, and then had to get back home. We all cried and said our good-byes. We had so much fun!

We love you Nona and Papa! Thanks for coming to visit, we had a great time!

I hope you enjoyed are weekend recap.

Holly & Co.

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